Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Very Ambitious Gothtober TBR List

I look forward to Halloween reading every year but this year the Gothtober Readathon has me particularly excited. The readathon prompts cover books I planned on reading (some horror classics) but have me adding books that are diverse as well. 

At first, I had some of the books counting for double prompts but I'm someone who likes to have a lot of options. If I get behind I can always have some books count double. Especially with that Grey Morality prompt. It seems a lot of these books could count for that category.

As for choosing a vampire tv show or film, I chose one that I still need to finish. Honestly, I'd like to watch the film version of many of these books in October. How many Dracula movies are there? Oh only 60 as of 2017. He also lists 56 Frankenstein movies. And 10 Dorian Gray movies. 

Here's the announcement video and prompt lists for the Gothtober Readathon. 

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