Friday, April 20, 2018

Book Blogger Hop: April 20th - 26th

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This week's question is submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews

 Question: How do you organize your books for review? Does it work for you or have you had to change it?

Answer: Most of what I read is library books so I can't keep them or make notes in them. So I make notes in a notebook as I go. I write a review at Goodreads that's usually pretty bare bones. I then expand on the review here on my blog. 

I'm not a fast reader anymore so keeping track of everything isn't too hard. I remember when I was reading so much that I would have half a dozen reviews to write. I'd spend a whole day getting them done. I miss reading like that.

My kids only have month left of school. Hopefully once I'm not running the kids to school everyday I will have more time to read. And the warm weather and sun does wonders for dealing with bipolar depression. Indiana just doesn't want to let go of winter. It snowed yesterday! Why!?


  1. Firstly I love your blog title.

    I am like yourself, have not been reading the way I used to, but I've now got a 3 year old, and when I was blogging and reviewing quite alot I did not have my little man. I've just started blogging again and will be starting slowly.

    I love library books, currently my TBR pile only consists of library books although I've got an entire bookshelf filled with TBRs!

    Angelica Paperback Princess

  2. I totally understand not reading as much as you used to. I just got a new job where I'm out of the classroom (I've been a reading teacher for 12 years) and I don't know when I'm going to read books. It's a scary thought. I also get most of my books from the library, which is awesome.

    Happy reading!
    eli @ the (book) supplier
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  3. Thanks for sharing how you organize things.

    I hope you will have more time too.

  4. I've never had a latte in my life, but I love your blog title! It's so unique and memorable :)

    I tend to make notes either in a notebook or just on the notes folder on my phone as I read to make sure that I'm able to come back to a thought I had when reading the book. Often times I get caught up in reading that I don't want to stop and make notes, but then I get worried I'll forget to write it down in the review. I usually purchase my books though, or I get sent them by authors/publishers to review, so I have to make a schedule depending on review deadlines and so forth.

    Sometimes I definitely do go through books too quickly and get backlogged on reviews, but I think my reading pace definitely depends on my mindset and motivation.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Please feel free to check out my Book Blogger Hop answer! :)